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COVID 19 Safety Protocols

1. Games and practices should be scheduled with a 15 minute buffer between them to prevent an overlap of participants. Start times should be staggered so no more than half of a complex is changing over at a time. Games may be played to completion. 

2. Sharing of equipment is strongly discouraged. Each team should have more than one set of catcher’s equipment. 

3. Coaches should wear masks. Players should not wear masks while they play as they pose a safety risk(hit by a ball). Masks for players in the dugout are optional. Masks for fans are optional. 

4. Sportsmanship will continue via emotional support. 

5. Batting team may have half the team in the dugout observing the standard 6 feet of social distancing. The other half of the team remains outside the dugout, also observing social distancing. Players should bring their own beach chairs to facilitate the above. 

6.  Signage at the fields should encourage hand washing and healthy practices. 

7. Please exercise your best judgement, if you or a player feels ill, please stay home and/or seek medical attention. 

8.  Fans need to bring their own beach chairs to maintain appropriate social distancing practices. 

9.  MTLL will provide 2 thermometers in the equipment sheds at both Thomas and Marple fields.

10. Temperatures of each player, coach, and umpire should be checked prior to all games and practices. This will require coaches to arrive early for practice/games to complete this. 

Anyone with a temperature >100.4 can not participate. We will take the temperature reading a second time if the first one is >100.4. They will be asked to rest in the shade for 10 minutes before being rechecked. If they are over the limit twice, they must return home immediately. For the player to return to the field of play, they must have a note from their doctor stipulating that they are cleared to play 
(negative COVID test). Please make sure this procedure is followed as it is an early indicator that a given individual may be infected, or has potentially contracted another type of virus.

11. Snack bar will be open. All staff will wear masks and gloves. Hand sanitizer will be provided. Due to social distancing, only one family will work the snack bar per shift. Food will be limited to pizza, hotdogs, hamburgers, pretzels, candy, ice cream and drinks. 

Thank you for your attention to the outlined procedures.

All other significant injuries that may require medical attention should be reported to me. 

Thank you for your time, and I am really looking forward to working with you this season. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

Rob Fumento 

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